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Dear haiku writer,

This site is a part of a game portal WOWWI and was created to host a game called VERSIONS. The essence of the game is translating haiku from one language to another by the players, the vast majority of whom are haiku writers themselves and are active members of the Russian-speaking haiku community. All the registered players can either add their own versions of the translation according to their understanding of the poem or make comments to the existing translations thus contributing to a combined effort to find and enjoy various meanings and depth of the poem.

The poems are sourced primarily from the publicly available web-sites by the site administrator and a few designated players. We believe that your poems are among the world best haiku and therefore we included them in the database. In the process of sourcing the poems we take reasonable efforts to obtain authors' permissions to use their haiku for the purposes of our game as we respect the authors' copyright.

It is not always possible, however, to contact the author to obtain such permission in advance for the reasons often beyond our control. Though we understand that this is not an acceptable excuse to store your work in our database without proper authorisation, we hope you would forgive us and use this opportunity to grant your permission, which will be most appreciated. Please contact the site administrator Vladimir (Wowwi) Ishchenko, see "Help" -> "Contacts".
If you wish, you can also publish a link to your own website (if you have one) on your author's page of the VERSIONS and provide the visitors of the page with your biographical information.

If you know any authors whose poems are displayed in our database and who haven't given us their permission, please kindly ask them to contact us at their convenience.
In case you do not approve of your works or part of them to be used for this game, please contact the site administrator and your haiku will be removed from the site's database.

We would like to assure you that the owners of the site do not pursue any commercial interests and that all your poems are displayed here for the game purposes only. Please also be advised that from time to time editors of the leading Russian haiku magazines and almanacs express their interest in publishing some of the haiku from our database along with the translations. In these cases we always make sure we obtain prior and explicit approvals from the respective authors.

Should you have any comments or simply wish to establish a contact with the members of the Russian speaking haiku community, please visit our Forum.

Sincerely yours,

© Wowwi 1999-2017