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Alan Summers
beer forgotten
the drunk looks deep
within his shoe
  (29.08.2005 12:59)
Alan Summers
bag of beer
snail trails leave it
from all directions
  (29.01.2006 22:09)
sunlight breaks
on a bird
and its portion of the roof

Alan Summers
  (14.02.2006 22:48)
Hi, Alan.
This last one in the comment is perfect. It's visible, like a black and white photo.
Can I add it to the list of your haiku to translate in Version?

By the way, I had been collected some haiku by myself to publish in your ePamphlet.

I would like to suggest you one poetic game:
I will publish selection of my haiku in Russian here in the Version pages.

I can provide you with the links to Russian-English on-line translators.

You or/and your friends will translate the haiku originals into English.
This sort of translation game can help us to understand modern idiomatic expressions of the different languages, style and hidden meaning of haiku.

The best translations and comments could be published in the ePamphlet as well.
  (14.02.2006 23:54)

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