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Carol Raisfeld
breakfast together
the silence about things  
that matter
  (31.08.2005 12:03)
завтрак вместе -
и какое значение
в молчании обо всём
  (31.08.2005 12:08)
This is the second place winner in the April 2003 tinywords haiku contest (http://tinywords.com/contest2003.html), winning the author a copy of Twenty Views from Mole Hill by Lidia Rozmus, published by Deep North Press, and a one-year subscription to the haiku magazine bottle rockets (http://www.geocities.com/bottlerockets_99/index.html).

From the judges' comments: "This opens a whole Grand Canyon of possibilities. What are the things
that matter? Exquisite haiku." ... "One could see this poem as flawed for including interpretation, but I see the poet as being descriptive. It's a good statement of a basic human experience, one that is widely shared."
  (31.08.2005 12:09)
плутая эхом по Grand Canyon'y...

едим из одной тарелки
ни слова о том
что важно

  (31.08.2005 12:34)

завтрак вдвоем
молчим обо всем
  (31.08.2005 12:22)

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