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Richard Stevenson
first skiff of snow-
a tidings of magpies
confer on hard ground
  (02.09.2005 13:16)
снежок скороспелый-
сорочья трескотня
на незанятой почве
  (02.09.2005 13:32)
Richard Stevenson, richard@pi-flora.com, notes: "Tidings of magpies" is the collective noun for a small brace or gaggle of magpies, and dates from the fifteenth century books of venery: tidings because of the superstition that the future, for good or ill, was foretold by the number of magpies one chanced to see.... "Skiff of snow" is common parlance in southern Alberta for the first snowfall, and I rather like the assonance and sibilance, which seems appropriate. "Skiff" implies a light snow fall -- one that will disappear with the first snort of a chinook in southern Alberta. That is a very regional detail, the sort of detail that would allow a Saijiki anthologizer to place the poem in the exact seasonal context.
  (02.09.2005 13:34)

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