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K. Ramesh
vendor on the beach-
from hand to hand
the spinning pinwheel
  (13.01.2006 19:09)
торговец на берегу-
из рук в руки
вертушка на палочке
  (16.01.2006 12:06)
A message from K. Ramesh, Chennai, India
Dear haiku friends,
I was suprised to see my haiku translated into Russian!
Some of my poems have been listed under the name of
another Indian poet, "Kala Ramesh". There are eight
poems on her webpage, but seven of the poems are mine.
Her poem begins with "raining sunset"

I would like to know if you could make the changes
on the webpages.

A short note about myself:
I am a teacher (male) working as a teacher in a
J Krishnamurti school in Chennai, India.

She lives in Pune, India.

  (25.02.2006 16:40)
Thanks for your info and hers.
I think Wowwi (this site owner) will safely correct it in a few days.

Thank you for your nice haiku and welcome to these Russian pages! This moment Wowwi is going to reconstruct this site to be open internationally for every language. Please keep your connection with us.
  (26.02.2006 14:02)
Hi, K. Ramesh.
I had changed the author's name for the specified haiku.
  (27.02.2006 15:39)
Dear Editor and Spica

Thanks for your kind words. Glad to know that Wowwi will be open for every language. Yes, I will keep my connection with you.

I noticed the changes that you have made in the website. Thank you.

Best wishes,
  (30.03.2006 18:27)

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