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Florence Vilén
Från hägg till syren;
plommon, körsbär, päron, slån
studier i vitt
  (04.07.2006 17:57)
Florence Vilén
All the shades
of plum, bird-cherry, pear, sloe:
white-blossom May
  (04.07.2006 18:08)
Florence Vilén wrote:

In Sweden we often speak about the time "mellan hägg och syren" as the finest of the year. This is when the bird-cherry begins in mid-May (where I live) and then the lilacs open, a few weeks later.

This Swedish haiku has been published in our journal Haiku, in 2002. My English version, which is very free, was published on Denis Garrison's site in a cycle for the twelve months of the year from around the world.
  (04.07.2006 18:17)

слива, черешня, груша и тёрн:
все оттенки
белого в цветах мая
  (05.07.2006 10:05)

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