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Rita Odeh
a pine tree falls...
the sparrow's song
goes on

  (06.01.2007 15:27)
сосна повержена...
но не смолкает песнь
  (09.01.2007 12:10)
Rita Odeh
Wowwi and readers(important)-

Two of my haiku appeared in Mainichi(a Japaness site) and Tinywords today:

http://tinywords. com/haiku/ 2007/02/16/

winter solitude-
only a sparrow
to share my meal

http://mdn.mainichi -
msn.co.jp/entertain ment/etc/ haiku/archive/ 2007/200702. html

piano playing ...
through this dark night
a woman's cry

I appreciate it if you ALL encourage me by taking the time to write
your comments in Tinywords, as this is the first harvest of success
for me since I began the haiku path on Oct.2006 , which I like to
share with you.

Best, Rita

  (16.02.2007 19:58)
oh! good news! my (I guess - that's our :))) congratulations, Rita :) All of us, we're happy to hear that whatever success of yours takes place :)

Best, Ellie
  (17.02.2007 14:45)
The only problem is that I can't visit the sites - it's written "Page cannot be found". Is it my provider's fault?
  (17.02.2007 14:55)

كاجي مي افتد-
هنوز به گوش می رسد
آواز گنجشک
  (20.02.2007 17:04)

сосна упала...
щебет воробушка
не смолкает
  (20.02.2007 17:18)

кричит воробей
его сосна 

  (25.02.2007 10:51)
умерла твоя сосна
  (26.02.2007 14:38)

 Raymond Matabosch
chute d'un pin...
le chant du moineau
  (25.02.2007 11:00)

 Raymond Matabosch
caída de un pino...
el borde del gorrión
  (25.02.2007 11:00)

 Raymond Matabosch
queda de um pinheiro...
o canto moineau
  (25.02.2007 11:03)

 Raymond Matabosch
caduta di un pino...
il bordo del passero
  (25.02.2007 11:06)

 Raymond Matabosch
caiguda d'un pi...
el cant del pardal
  (25.02.2007 11:07)

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